Karsan which has performed commercial vehicle production with 100% domestic capital since 1981; has been designed with the flexibility to produce any kind of vehicle from cars to trucks, from minivans to buses.  Karsan aims to offer cutting-edge products and services on public transport in line with the vision of "Unlimited Transportation Solutions'.


The New Karsan Jest is an original passenger vans that designed for urban public transport. Karsan Jest which is the newest vehicle in its class; is a vehicle that suits the modern city with panoramic design and dynamic lines. You don’t bend over while boarding and landing to the vehicle with  the low base property.

It provides excellent fuel economy with  completely renovated Euro 5 engine and 6-speed gearbox. The New Karsan Jest skimps the fuel. With its quiet and hardworking engine, it helps to ensure high performance and comfortable ride.

Thanks to the unobstructed access quality The New Karsan Jest offers the freedom to travel for everyone. Electric handicapped ramp has been developed for people with disabilities to benefit fully and comfortably all the amenities of modern life. The New Karsan Jest makes difference with additional hardware qualities as optional. Thanks to the Wireless internet (Wi-Fi), uninterrupted internet access can be provided during the minibus ride.  Security has come to the fore with the front and rear disc brakes and  journey can become more enjoyable with the radio system capable of playing mp3.


Karsan Atak buses offer great convenience for passengers with its "Low floor" quality that makes it easy boarding and landing. There aren’t any step or obstacle in the corridor between the entrance and exit gates of Karsan Atak buses. This quality enables the freedom of movement for passengers in the vehicle. In addition, Atak has the qualities of ECAS (Chassis Lowering and Upgrade System) and Kneeling (Tipping Chassis System). It is the leader of its class with its passenger capacity of up to 60 people. Thanks to the “Folding Barrier-Free Access Ramp ",  it brings easy entry and exit opportunities with wheelchair.

The Safe and Comfortable Driving Pleasure: The cab which is isolated from the passenger compartment and provided as an option; and wide viewing angle provide a safe navigation facilities. The ergonomic dashboard and console which are designed specifically for Atak; offer maximum comfort to driver during the journey.

The Difference of Economy and Performance: Atak’s powerful and environmentally friendly engine which complies with the emission norms of Euro V- EEV; provides fuel economy, saves you from all directions. With its quiet and hardworking engine, it helps to ensure high performance and comfortable ride.

The Robotized Power: Atak provides driving comfort and fuel economy with transmission alternatives. In addition to manual gear, ATAK is leader in its class with the robotised gearbox option which offers maximum driving comfort.


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